Losing weight is a middle-aged obsession

3 Apr 2023
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That’s what I heard on a podcast this morning, and it made me stop and think. They could be on to something there…
If you’re in your mid-40’s or older, chances are that your parents experienced post-war rationing, they were taught to be careful about food, not to waste it, to eat what was given to them, and they in turn passed that on to you.

“Finish your plate – there are starving children in Africa!” was something I heard a lot while growing up in the 70’s/80’s.

Well, I can tell you that I must have saved a lot of children in my time, because I always finish what’s on my plate! It’s a hangover of my conditioning, a habit that is really, really sticky.
It appears that younger generations are not as focused on their weight, instead they strive to look a certain way despite their size: that involves hair and makeup, wearing the ‘right’ clothes. It’s partly because their lives are so different to ours at the same age, they live a great deal of their lives through the lens of their phones.
And that might be a good thing long term, because if you’re anything like me and you’ve spent decades yoyo dieting, it takes a toll on other areas of your life, like your confidence and the way you think about yourself.


Without a doubt, being overweight has implications on your health and as we get older, there’s a cumulative effect – pressure on joints, a build up of fatty tissue in the arteries, increased risk of high blood pressure, developing type 2 diabetes, heart and circulatory diseases, even a reduction on life expectancy of between 3-10 years. So whilst the young’uns might have got it right in terms of not worrying about it (although I suspect some do), it is important to strive for health.
And that includes maintaining a healthy weight (whatever that means for you), through:
  • Eating a healthy diet (not a prescriptive Diet but a way of eating that works for you)
  • Including movement in your every day, whether that’s through exercise or simply moving throughout the day
  • Getting enough good quality sleep, whatever the right amount is for you
  • Relaxing, having hobbies and other interests that bring you contentment and joy, they help to reduce stress which can only be a good thing!
  • Community, being part of other peoples’ lives, because we evolved to connect, it makes us healthier, happier human beings!
So yes, losing weight might be a middle-aged obsession, but it’s about more than just the weight. It’s about health and self-confidence, getting to know yourself better, and creating a way of living that supports you for a very long time…

Because we might be ‘middle-aged’ but that means we still have a whole lot of happy living to do!

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