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Meeting you where you are…

Too many people are suffering from stress, anxiety, burnout. The pressures of work, relationship ups and downs, managing illness, old trauma, and of course having to cope through the pandemic – it all takes it toll. In the main they’re left to deal with it by themselves, unable to talk about it, so much easier to bottle things up and ignore it.

Unfortunately that only works for a short time… a some point it’s going to bubble over, and that’s when they need a helping hand.

And it’s not just an individual issue. In a 2020 Deloitte report, 80% of the organisations it interviewed said that worker wellbeing would be important for their success over the next 12-18 months, and yet only 12% confessed they were ready to address it.

It’s time we stopped treating mental health as a secret health issue…

Geraldine Joaquim DSFH HDP DipM

  • Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
  • CIM Diploma in Marketing
  • Neuroscience Professional Development Programme
  • Yoga teacher
  • Wellness Coach
  • Four Tendencies workshop facilitator
  • Professional Memberships: CNHC, NCP, NCH, AFSFH, CTAA

Her story…

It’s taken a lot to get you here, ready to ask for that helping hand, so how do you know Geraldine is the right person to help you? Well, here’s her story…

As an experienced industry professional, she spent most of her career juggling the pressures of work in international marketing with raising a family. That effectively meant she spent more time than she cares to remember going through Heathrow airport, sitting on planes, and sleeping in strange hotel rooms across the world! She found herself running on empty, which manifested in being high functioning but not really engaged – one of the symptoms was being a ‘no mum’ (every query from her children was met with an automatic “no”), without any spare capacity to do anything outside the routine, altogether not much fun to be around.

It was time to consider the next chapter in life… and it wasn’t doing this any more, working for a highly stressful company, missing life events – she even spent her 25th wedding anniversary working at a trade show in Germany! After much deliberation, she undertook training to become a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with the prestigious Clifton Practice. Geraldine began putting her therapy skills to good use and found that many of her new clients were themselves overwhelmed by poor mental health rooted in a common theme of stress and burnout. It was all too familiar.

Which is why in 2018, alongside her 1-2-1 hypnotherapy practice, she set out to make a real difference by forming a business-centric stress management company. Her message is clear…

“People are your best, and most important, asset. By putting your employees at the forefront of your business, I can help you create a calmer, more resilient workforce. And develop a culture where people are mentally and physically fit to perform at their best. It’s a win-win all round.”

Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Wellness Coaching

For you

You might feel a little nervous seeking therapy, but don’t be – you’re simply getting a little help to move you forward. This is how I work:

  • Initial enquiry, a short phone call to determine what you need help with and whether I can support you – and whether you want to work with me. This will usually lead to booking an initial consultation
  • Initial consultation either in person at my home clinic , or via Zoom. This is a fact-finding session to find out about you, what you’d like to change and what you want to achieve. I’ll explain how hypnotherapy and psychotherapy work, and I’ll send you various support resources depending on your particular needs.
  • Follow-up sessions are relaxed and set at your pace. The first half is talking therapy using well established techniques such as NPL, CBT, Timeline Therapy, followed by hypnosis which is simply moving into a very relaxed state, so your brain can process everything we’ve just spoken about.

Talks, Workshops, Keynote Speaking

For your business

Mental health and wellbeing services are becoming a highly important part of employee engagement, so what makes my work different?

As mentioned above, as well as being an experienced therapist, I also have plenty of experience working in the corporate world. I bring that real-world experience to my work, using relatable case studies and situations to illustrate points. This makes for a more engaging, interesting and enjoyable experience for your people, whether it’s a 1-hour virtual talk or a half-day in-person workshop – and the end result is they take away actionable tips, which make a difference to their lives and their productivity.

I am a seasoned public speaker, and have given keynote speeches at various events – injecting a little humour, wellbeing and life lessons! It’s a great way to add variety into an event. Get in touch to learn more.

In the meantime, you can view my TEDx talk here

As well as offering services direct, we’re also happy to work with consultancy partners

If you’re an HR consultancy, training company, employee wellbeing supplier, EAP, employee benefits company or similar and would like discuss how our talks and workshops could enhance your own services, do get in touch!