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Stress…  it impacts on your business. No matter how big or small your organisation is, it will benefit from helping your people to understand stress and manage it because happy and engaged people develop better relationships, they perform better, they’re more creative and able to manage stress better.

Happy people make a happy business!

Don’t just take our word for it… according to Deloitte, companies that invest in wellbeing enjoy a ROI of £5 for every £1 spent.

We specialise in creating bespoke talks and workshops that are tailored to your needs – and we’re always happy to discuss new ideas you may have:

Strength in resilience

We can help to make your workforce and your business more resilient, by giving people the frameworks and confidence they need to manage stress more effectively.

Boosting employee engagement

Well-being and engagement go hand in hand. Employees with high well-being are almost twice as likely to stay focused and enjoy their work.

Increasing productivity

It’s simple really. If employees are physically and mentally fit, then they are more likely to perform at their best, delivering better business results.

Creating happier, healthier work environments

Developing a positive workplace culture will not only help to heighten team morale, but the way staff relate to and communicate with each other - and a great work culture becomes a talent attractor.

Reducing absenteeism and staff turnover

By addressing mental health head on, your people work more effectively, take fewer days off sick and stay with you longer - saving you time and money.

Building Resilience

Resilience is as much about managing stress as it is about changing your mindset – moving from a fear response to a challenge one.  By moving into a learning and adaptive mode, you have the ability to make yourself stronger and better able to cope – whatever comes your way.

And by developing personal resilience you are also improving the resilience of your business, because resilient people make a resilient company.

This is a process just like any other… to develop the skill of resilience.

(1/2 day or full day workshop)

The Art of Communication

Communication lies at the foundation of all relationships, it’s the key element that drives our ability to connect with others – but it’s also the one that goes most awry leading to misunderstandings, an over-reliance on unconscious bias, relationship breakdown. And there’s a secret ingredient… it’s what motivates you (and others) to get things done. When you have that piece of the puzzle, you can not only motivate yourself to knuckle down and focus, but you have the key to motivating others.

When you get the subtle art of communication right, you’re unstoppable!
(Half day workshop)

Managing Stress and Mental Health for Managers

As a manager you have a vital role to play when it comes to spotting the common warning signs of stress overload and mental ill health, both in yourself and others. This workshop will not only give you a better understanding of the impact that stress and common mental health issues can have, but also help you address it and create a healthier working environment for everyone.
(Full day workshop)

Personal Stress Management

Why do we feel anxious, depressed, angry? What actually is the Stress Response System? And just how do we change our learned behaviours? This talk looks at how the brain functions and shows us how we can make more considered choices, with practical strategies to promote self-awareness and positive mental health. It aims to help employees feel more relaxed and better equipped to attend work mentally and physically.
(1 hour talk)

How to sleep well

We all need it, but sleep is one of the most ignored health pillars and people are suffering because of it. Cases of disturbed sleep patterns and insomnia are on the rise but it doesn’t have to be that way… with a few simple lifestyle changes, you can be sleeping well which has a massive impact on your work and beyond. So we’ll look at some of the myths around sleep, why we need sleep and what happens when we don’t get enough sleep, natural biorhythms versus learned behaviour that contributes to poor sleep, as well the key ingredients to sleep well…
(Available as an introductory 1-hour talk or the more in-depth half day workshop)

Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

You’ve heard about mindfulness and meditation, but what are they really about? How do they work? By exploring the neuroscience behind the practises, this interactive talk analyses the way it physically changes the brain (neuroplasticity) and reduces the stress response. We also find out how to incorporate them into our busy lives without creating more stress.
(1-hour talk)

And more…

  • Menopause at Work – It’s not just a ‘women’s issue’
  • Balancing Your Life – Reclaiming your confidence, productivity and decision making
  • Managing Stress to Prevent Guilt – Getting your work/life integration right
  • 10 Top Tips to Stay Well – looking after your mind and body

As well as offering services direct, we also work with consultancy partners

“Our consultancy helps businesses get the very best from their people by developing knowledge, skills and behaviours through training, coaching, outsourced L&D management and consultancy.”

Paddy Thompson, Director/Co-founder
Azimuth Training

Here at The Thrive Team we collaborate with, and work hard for, our clients and candidates every step of the way – from discovery through development, enabling employees to thrive. We treat everyone we talk to with the same levels of respect, kindness and integrity – genuinely caring that people are happy in their careers, while also ensuring that organisations optimise their output, and enhance company culture, by hiring managers and leaders who are high-performing, motivated and fulfilled.”

Martin and Ali Grady, owners
The Thrive Team

If you’re an HR consultancy, training company, employee wellbeing supplier, EAP, employee benefits company or similar and would like discuss how our talks and workshops could enhance your own services, do get in touch!

Supporting individuals with one-to-one coaching

Want to reduce your anxiety, change your mindset and be the best version of you?

We appreciate some individuals will benefit more from a one-to-one approach. Which is why we can also provide personal stress coaching, Clinical Psychotherapy and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy support – and with a network of clinicians this can be done either face to face wherever you are in the country, or via a Zoom call.

Because it all starts and ends with your people. By focusing on prevention and building resilience, you are changing your culture from one that expects people to ‘suffer to get help’ to supporting good health, which supports a healthy business.

So, whether you’re interested in booking a talk or workshop in the workplace, or individual coaching, we’re here to help you and your people, moving from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, lacking clarity or motivation, to being confident, better decision makers with a more relaxed approach and a positive outlook.

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Let’s get to work on improving the health of your business:

Embedding cultural change with tailored solutions

We will spend time getting to know you and your organisation, so that we can align our wellbeing talks and workshops with your specific needs.


Speaking about resilience…

Combining insight with inspiration, Geraldine Joaquim is an in-demand keynote speaker who can draw on a wealth of real-life experiences on the subjects of mental health and personal resilience.


Supporting individuals

Using techniques from classic psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy, Geraldine is also an accredited wellness coach and can provide individual employees with one-to-one coaching, either in her clinic or virtually.


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A recent Deloitte study found that for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions, £5 was recovered in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.