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Business Services

Discover the secret to workplace wellbeing with our interactive, talks and workshops.

It really does pay to invest in the wellbeing of your employees.

Who says? Well Deloitte for one. In a 2020 analysis they reported that for every £1 an employer spent on mental health interventions, they got £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover – and it could even be as high as £11 in some cases. Caring actually boosts productivity!

Which is why it’s worth giving careful consideration to the full range of bespoke stress management and positive wellbeing services Geraldine Joaquim has to offer.

Tailored solutions that make your workplace work well
Geraldine’s services are not focused on helping people recover but on the prevention of poor mental health full stop.

It’s about coaching good habits into staff and instilling coping mechanisms that build resilience.

After all, stress happens… but people will only build resilience when you give them the skills to self-manage it. By being more aware of their personal wellbeing and that of their colleagues, then they will find a clarity which will help improve decision making, boost productivity and create a better working environment all round.

Because individual resilience feeds into organisational resilience, making it a work-wide culture.
Before we undertake all our interactive talks and workshops, we spend time getting to know what you want to achieve and who your employees are. That way our experienced and qualified trainers can tailor the content to suit your specific wellbeing objectives.

It has never been more critical for business leaders to embed a culture of wellbeing in their organisations, where employees can feel happy and looked after. And through on-going guidance and support, Geraldine Joaquim is here to ensure that your mental health strategies continue working successfully long into the future.

On the subject of mental health…
Here are just some of many topics we have covered in our bespoke talks and workshops (but we’re always happy to discuss new ideas and your specific needs):

Personal Stress Management

Why do we feel anxious, depressed, angry? What actually is the Stress Response System? And just how do we change our learned behaviours? This workshop looks at how the brain functions and shows us how we can make more considered choices, with practical strategies to promote self-awareness and positive mental health. It aims to help employees feel more relaxed and better equipped to attend work mentally and physically.
(1 hour talk)

How to sleep well

We all need it, but sleep is one of the most ignored health pillars and people are suffering because of it. Case of insomnia are on the rise but it doesn’t have to be that way… with a few simple lifestyle changes, you can be sleeping well which has a massive impact on your work and beyond. So we’ll look at some of the myths around sleep, why we need sleep and what happens when we don’t get enough sleep, natural biorhythms versus learned behaviour that contributes to poor sleep, as well the key ingredients to sleep well…
(Available as an introductory 1-hour talk or the more in-depth half day workshop)

The Pillars of Health

This workshop sheds a light on sleep, exercise, nutrition and relaxation – the four pillars of health. These are all dependent on each other and essential for our overall wellbeing, and as such merit a little time and attention to get each one right in our lives.
(1-hour talk)

Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

You’ve heard about mindfulness and meditation, but what are they really about? How do they work? By exploring the neuroscience behind the practises, this workshop analyses the way it physically changes the brain (neuroplasticity) and reduces the stress response. We also find out how to incorporate them into our busy lives without creating more stress.
(1-hour talk)

Managing Stress and Mental Health for Managers

As a manager you have a vital role to play when it comes to spotting the common warning signs of stress overload and mental ill health, both in yourself and others. This workshop will not only give you a better understanding of the impact that stress and common mental health issues can have, but also help you address it and create a healthier working environment for everyone.
(Full day workshop)

Building Resilience

Managing stress to bounce forwards… Flipping stress on its head, this workshop shows employees how to create a positive mindset and develop resilience – and individual resilience feeds to organisational resilience, making it a work-wide culture. If you want to build your confidence, move up the career ladder consolidate your team or maybe develop new skills such as public speaking, then we’re here to help you step out of that your comfort zone with ease. Let your stress propel you towards new adventures and challenges! (Available as an introductory 1-hour talk or the more in-depth full day workshop)

The Art of Communication

Communication lies at the foundation of all relationships, it’s the key element that drives our ability to connect with others – but it’s also the one that goes most awry leading to misunderstandings, an over-reliance on unconscious bias, relationship breakdown. And there’s a secret ingredient… it’s what motivates you (and others) to get things done. When you have that piece of the puzzle, you can not only motivate yourself to knuckle down and focus, but you have the key to motivating others – essentially you can get people to do what you want them to… And when you add understanding people’s motivation to the subtle art of communication, well, you’re unstoppable!
(Half day workshop)

And more…

Menopause at Work – It’s not just a ‘women’s issue’!
Changing Gears – Rebuilding the team spirit following the Pandemic
Balancing Your Life – Reclaiming your confidence, productivity and decision making
Managing Stress to Prevent Guilt – Getting your work/life integration right

Supporting individuals with one-to-one coaching

Want to reduce your anxiety, change your mindset and be the best version of you?

We appreciate some individuals will benefit more from a one-to-one approach. Which is why we can also provide personal stress coaching, Clinical Psychotherapy and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy support – and with a network of clinicians this can be done either face to face wherever you are in the country, or via a Zoom call.

Because it all starts and ends with your people. By focusing on prevention and building resilience, you are changing your culture from one that expects people to ‘suffer to get help’ to supporting good health, which supports a healthy business.

So, whether you’re interested in booking a talk or workshop in the workplace, or individual coaching, we’re here to help you and your people, moving from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, lacking clarity or motivation, to being confident, better decision makers with a more relaxed approach and a positive outlook.