Hypnobirthing in Haslemere

2 Nov 2016
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What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete pregnancy and birth programme – it isn’t just about the birth or being completely free of pain relief. We help couples enjoy their pregnancy right through to the arrival of their baby and beyond. Quest Hypnotherapy has developed our own unique programme together with a highly experienced midwife, using personal and clinical knowledge.   

Hypnobirthing can make a huge difference in your birth experience. We teach you to use your body’s innate resources in a supportive class environment: not only will you learn how to use the tools that can give you the best natural childbirth experience, but you will also learn how to use them after your baby arrives. Our course offers a complete Bump-to-Baby experience.
Advantages of using Hypnobirthing Techniques:
Enhances your pregnancy experience, making it as enjoyable as possible
Baby and Mother ‘recover’ quicker, baby is often calmer and ready to bond
Active Birth Partner role, making it a shared experience
Length of labour is often shorter
Less use of drugs and medical intervention
A comfortable, positive birth experience
 This is one of life’s biggest adventures!
 Hypnobirthing is so much more than just self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy for childbirth. It includes:
Deep relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques, enabling you to give birth naturally, calmly and comfortably
How the mind and body work together
The role of the birth partner and how they can assist
How to release fears that can lead to tension and hinder natural birth
Visualisations and breathing exercises to keep you grounded, positive and in control
And what happens once baby has arrived? Unlike other courses we also cover basic baby care
One of the most import things you will learn is that you are in control of your birthing experience – you can ask questions, ask what would happen if you made different choices.
The state of being in hypnosis does not mean you are unconscious or asleep, in fact you can react, talk, be aware of what is happening but in a relaxed way, in full control of what is happening to you and around you. It doesn’t require any particular beliefs (you don’t have to ‘believe’ in it for it to be effective), you don’t need prior experience… but we do hope you will come along with an open mind.
Many people (especially partners!) are sceptical to start with, but they quickly discover the benefits of Hypnobirthing, not just for mother and baby, but for partners too. So if you are looking for a calm, natural way to welcome your baby into the world, look no further than Hypnobirthing – it really is a positive, empowering experience to be enjoyed.

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