The Beast from the East!

28 Feb 2018
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Learn to control your worry – don’t let it control you

As you’re all aware we’re experiencing rather extreme weather and we are reminded hourly that it’s cold outside and to beware of the snow that’s coming.  

Some of us will take it with a pinch of salt – a bit over-egged, met office covering itself in case of another Michael Fish ‘there’s no hurricane’ moment. Others will feel a bit anxious but still go about your business, getting children to school, going out to work and meetings.
But there will be others who fear venturing out at all.
 We’re all facing the same event but our own perception colours how we cope with it – and that’s the same whatever situation we face whether at work or home. We all react to different events and inputs in different ways, it’s not necessarily the event that causes a perception of crisis but rather our own thought patterns surrounds the events in our lives – and this affects our stress levels and resilience.  
When we over-worry we create even more stress which clouds our judgement, we produce an overload of the stress hormone cortisol which causes inflammation and impairs the immune system, excessive worrying can lead to mental issues like anxiety and depression.
Learning how to cope with stress (after all, life continues to happen, the weather will still be there) helps you function better, it stops the worry controlling you and can turn it into something constructive, becoming solution focused rather than obsessionally focusing on the problem.
“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein
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