Speaking about resilience with Geraldine Joaquim

Combining insight with inspiration, Geraldine is also an in-demand keynote speaker who can draw on a wealth of real-life experiences on the subjects of mental health and personal resilience.

Focusing on the themes of motivation, wellbeing and stress management, she is someone with a real story to tell. A story that goes from working in a stressful corporate environment to building a company dedicated to health and wellness that also helps businesses work well – and along the way competing in a few triathlons, finding herself in an ultra-marathon, running a diving and safari tour operator business, and nearly drowning on a coral reef… but that’s another story!

The result is a keynote address that never fails to resonate with audiences, especially people who are time-poor and spinning plates. Oh, and you can always expect a bit of gentle humour woven in.

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We guarantee that Geraldine’s mix of real-life anecdotes and clinical case studies will help you understand how stress can impact the decisions you make – and how, with a little thought and guidance, we can all make changes for better health and happier lives.

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